Dennis' chicken dinner

Dennis is one of my Purple Pincher (Coenobita clypeatus) land hermits. I have Purple Pinchers and Ecuadorians (Coenobita compressus). He's named Dennis because I got him when hurricane Dennis was all over the news. He was a little guy then, but he's now about the size of a golf ball. Last night, I gave the crabs a wishbone with some roast chicken left on it; the bulk of their diet is fruit and vegetables with some grains (air-popped popcorn is a favourite treat), but they need some meat and fish, too, and it's fun to watch them eat so daintily no matter what the food. All land hermits have one pincer larger than the other; the large pincer is used for defense and blocking the opening of the shell, and the small one is used for eating. To drink, they hold their pincers together and rub them back and forth to wick water up between them. Anyway, hermies are cute, and Dennis is no exception. :)

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