Pulu Keeling National Park -- Red hermit crabs

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This little fella is a red hermit crab, who lives on Pulu Keeling National Park. Pulu Keeling is a coral atoll and part of the Cocos Islands out in the Indian Ocean. You'll find him on the beaches here.

These guys get to a reasonable size for hermit crabs - almost upto tennis ball size.

Despite their name, they don't live like hermits at all. They're social animals that do best in groups.

They're relentless little scavengers that comb the beaches and vegetation behind. They're easy to see when you sit on the beach watching the sunset - they just appear all around you.

When camping on Pulu Keeling, they smell your cooking and come in large numbers to clean up whatever they can get. They are important recyclers and make the most of everything that washes up on the beaches.

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