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Speedy likes to Dig Dug

Coenobita variabilis, or the Australian "Crazy Crab," is common in Australia. Special laws were recently enacted to allow them to be imported to the United States - they are considered exotic animals and to date, only one vendor has offered them to a lucky few crabbers. They tend to dwell further inland and consequently require less salt water than most hermit crabs according to their Australian vendor. They are beautiful creamy white and have expressive oval eyes like Ecuadorians. But if you think Ecuadorians are speedy little buggers, you haven't seen anything yet!

Speedy LOVES to dig and is quite... well, speedy! She will completely relandscape her entire crabitat in the course of a day, which is something since she's so tiny! We love how expressive her eyes are and how she's constantly moving her stalks to check things out, like you see when she's arranging her excavation pile!

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