How to tell the sex of your land hermit crabs


Instead of Googling it like normal people, it seems I am constantly answering this question in the comments of my videos, and I'm a bit sick of it. So for those of you too lazy to type your question into a search engine, here you go.

You CANNOT tell a male from a female by their color or the size of their claw or whatever other bull shit is floating around on the internet or at your local pet store. This is the easiest way to tell if you have a male or female. Take your crab, and hold it at an angle close to a surface until it comes out. It will grasp at the surface, and you (with the help of a flashlight) should be able to glimpse the tiny dots or absence of them. If you want more info, google it. :) "hermit crab gonopores" should do the trick. ;)

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