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2018 Coenobita Clypeatus Mating

Another pair of mating land hermit crabs in my tank!

This is a bit long but so is the mating process. You will see a lot of guarding going on as the male defends his mate against the other males. I purposely left this footage in so you can see for yourself what guarding looks like opposed to shell fights. July is the beginning of the annual mating season (though plenty of captive crabs are mating year round) so it is possible some of you may witness this behavior as well.

To view images of the eggs being fertilized in the sperm packet please visit

I will not be attempting to rear these eggs. Egg rearing becomes your full time job for several months and my full time job does not allow for that. Several others are far more capable of rearing the eggs and have been trying for many years. Look for Mary Akers, Sue Brown or Curlz Breeding Project for more information on the rearing of hermit crab zoea. "

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